Oppsie Fee

10% of order total (ex. if order total is $170, the fee is $17)

Customers must take all reasonable necessary steps to protect the rental items and prevent any damage.

We understand accidents happen, opting in to our oppsie fee makes it possible to keep your experience as stress free as possible. Our oppsie fee is a safe and easy option to cover you and your group of accidental damages.

Paying the Oppsie fee will cover financial burden for losses due to accidental damage to our rental items.

This non-refundable fee covers accidental damages that may be caused to a rental item or its contents during your scheduled rental dates. Any damages, rips, stains or the like must be reported to Beach Vibes Supplies office in writing and with photos immediately.

The oppsie fee is optional, you can opt it. The cost will be calculated on your reservation upon check out.

If there are missing items or damages caused intentionally or due to neglect, the customer will still be responsible for these and the credit card on file will be charged.

We reserve the right to charge the customers credit card to cover vandalism, intentional damage or missing items.

What does the fee cover?

  • Unintentional damage to the rental items or its contents
  • Accidental spills
  • Baby supplies breaks or tears
  • Accidental marks or scrapes
  • Any many other types of common damage occurrences
  • Stained bedding or linens from baby equipment

Fee does not cover:

  • Intentional acts or gross negligence
  • Any loss or theft
  • Excessive cleaning
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